4 tips for successful sushi

4 tips for successful sushi

Audrey Rouby

Do you want to start making homemade sushi and have some advice? Here are some tips and tricks to help you master this culinary art. Because although the preparation of homemade sushi may seem difficult, you will be very satisfied with the end result!

What to do with the extra rice?

When you make sushi, you often get more rice than you actually need. Use it to create other kinds of personalized sushi, because there are plenty of ingredients: pan-fried apples and shiitake, omelet, fried vegetables, shrimp, sweet potatoes, cilantro, marinated tofu or smoked duck breast. There is no limit!

How to give color to your sushi?

You can distribute sesame seeds or fish eggs on the board on which you place your nori sheet before turning it over. This will make your rice more colorful and textured and your sushi will look different.

How to roll my makis?

It is possible to roll a Californian maki from the sushi mat, that is, by placing the nori sheet directly on it. Just cover the mat with plastic wrap before turning the sheet topped with the rice.

Should I buy a rice cooker?

A rice cooker, ensures perfect cooking of the rice, while maintaining it at the perfect temperature and humidity while you prepare the sushi. In short, this is a "must" if you want to get started in making sushi on a regular basis and avoid breaking your head with a more traditional cooking method.

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