8 tips to reduce your fat intake

8 tips to reduce your fat intake

Audrey Rouby

Lipids are essential nutrients for the proper functioning of our body since it needs them to properly regulate itself. Without eliminating all the fats from our diet, you should rather rethink your recipes to have a healthier result with less fat and less.

Say goodbye to frying oil

Leave the frozen fries or deep fryer aside and cook your potato or sweet potato fries on a baking sheet. Add paprika or other spices of your choice, olive oil, and bake at 375 ° C for 30 minutes. Your fries will be much less fatty and just as tasty.

Choose low-fat milk and cream

Bet on 1% milk and 15% cream. For sauces, you can even use a 50/50 mixture of cream and milk to lighten it up. Don't worry, the taste of your recipes won't be changed.

Change your pastry habits

In recipes such as muffins, you can substitute half the amount for butter and oil for applesauce or 0% plain yogurt. Your pastries will remain just as soft.

Oils, yes, but not all

Give an incomparable taste to your salads and dressings with argan oil, hemp oil or even hazelnuts. Olive oil is also a good option, more accessible for some.

Cooking without fat

Most vegetables release natural juices when they are cooked. Because of this, they do not stick to the pan. For your meat, you can replace the oil or butter with mustard, honey or soy sauce.

Replace the chips

For a healthy aperitif, consider popcorn, pita bread or homemade vegetable chips.

Lighten your sauces

To lighten up meat-based sauces like bolognese sauce, don't hesitate to substitute ground meat for tofu or lentils.

Choose good fat

Salmon, avocados and walnuts are a few foods that, in their natural state, contain healthy fats. Including them in your menu is therefore a good way to ensure a healthy supply of fat for your metabolism.

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