Barbecue salmon, the basics

Barbecue salmon, the basics

Audrey Rouby

Because barbecued salmon is a summer staple. Because not everyone has a perfect mastery of barbecue cooking. Here are the basics of barbecued salmon.

Which cut of salmon to choose?

Choose thicker pieces like the steak or the pavé. Salmon being a fragile meat, it takes little time to cook. By choosing a thin piece, you risk, at best, overcooking your meat and at worst burning it.

To once again limit the risk of overcooking and to protect your meat, remember to keep the skin of your fish.

Grill the fish yes, but on which side?

No matter how you cook your fish, it should always be cooked on the skin. On a very hot grill, start with direct cooking. To have a perfect grid marking, place the fish skin side down with the grates for 1 minute, rotate it 90 ° and continue cooking for 1 minute. Once the piece of salmon is well seared and grilled, switch to indirect cooking by putting the side of the flesh on the grill for about 5 minutes.

Which marinade to choose?

Use products that will enhance the taste of the salmon. Lemon and salt are the two basic ingredients that go perfectly with fish. A good alternative is a miso, honey and lemon (or candied garlic) marinade to combine the bitter taste and play on the sweet and salty. Or even more classic, a marinade with oregano, sea salt, oil and lemon.

Preferably let your salmon marinate as long as possible.

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