How to make your aperitifs healthy?

How to make your aperitifs healthy?

Audrey Rouby

Christmas has just passed but the festivities are not over yet! Now is the time to prepare the New Years meal. What if this year you made your aperitif a little lighter? You do not know how ? Don't panic, you will find some tips in this article.

Which products to choose?

The first and undoubtedly the most important tip, prefer home-made recipes rather than ready-made products. They are generally the largest source of sugar and salt. It is therefore better to opt for naturally healthy and light products that are seasoned and flavored with envy.

Among the list of ingredients that can be put on the menu without hesitation, we think of lean meats such as chicken breasts that can be broken down into aiguillettes, garnished with Cajun spices, before snacking them briefly, and mounting them. on mini-skewers with a yogurt, garlic, and mint sauce. Canned fatty fish are also an excellent option for making seafood rillettes.

Obviously, chewable vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, cauliflower, remain excellent alternatives to chips, and provide additional vitamins. For your sandwiches, we favor wholemeal bread, which is much more interesting from a nutritional point of view than white bread.

Fruit is also a good idea. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and melon cubes, can be offered in raw version. Out of habit, we tend to choose pistachios, peanuts, or other cashews, for our aperitifs.

While they are popular, keep in mind that they are very high in calories and that it is difficult to stop eating them once you have started. To avoid frustration, opt for other equally tasty products like cooked and spiced chickpeas. A healthy alternative to peanuts that will easily convince the most recalcitrant.

Which seasoning to choose?

When you want to offer healthy recipes, the choice of ingredients is essential but there is also the way of cooking or seasoning. Indeed, preparing a healthy fish rillette dip using very rich Greek yogurt, it loses all its meaning. It's the same with a chicken or salmon marinade, if you have a heavy hand on oil, honey, or a sauce, you risk destroying all your efforts.

So how do you do it? You have to start by rethinking your habits. Is there too much oil in this recipe? The dose is reduced or even eliminated. How to avoid mayonnaise in mimosa eggs? No problem, we replace it with 0% cottage cheese with a little curry or turmeric. Fancy a hummus? No problem, keep a light hand on the tahini and zap the final drizzle of olive oil.

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