How to preserve the vitamins in your fruits and vegetables?

How to preserve the vitamins in your fruits and vegetables?

Audrey Rouby

It is well known that fruits and vegetables are essential for our nutrition and good health. It is therefore strongly recommended to consume as much as possible. But do we really know how to store and protect these vitamins? In this article, you will find some tips that will allow you to get the most out of all the benefits of your fruits and vegetables.

Buy your fruits and vegetables

It is best to buy your fruits and vegetables locally so that they are very fresh. They will have traveled a shorter distance to get to your fridge. These products will be rich in vitamins and minerals.

You can also opt for frozen vegetables. They will be better than fresh and imported products.

Prepare your fruits and vegetables

When you cut your vegetables, choose large pieces. This is because the smaller the pieces, the more they will tend to oxidize.

Also, try to prepare your vegetables at the last moment. If you have no choice, keep them in your fridge. Also, try to keep the skin on your fruits and vegetables as much as possible when you eat them. It is in the skin that there is most of the fiber and nutrients. It will therefore be essential to wash your vegetables to remove soil and other bacteria. But be careful to use cold water and not to leave them too long under water. It would damage them and make them wet.

Cook your vegetables

Steaming is the most recommended, as it does not harm your vegetables. By boiling your vegetables, you risk losing most of the vitamins in the cooking water. You can however, recover this water to make a broth.

Preserve your fruits and vegetables

So that your products do not get damaged and do not lose all of their benefits, keep in the vegetable drawer of your fridge if possible.

Be careful, some fruits can be stored in the ambient air, such as kiwi, melon, pears, plums or even bananas.

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