How to reduce your salt intake?

How to reduce your salt intake?

Audrey Rouby

In which products do we find the most salt? What are our real salt needs? How can we make better choices in our diet? We give you some tips to eat better, without depriving yourself.

Which foods provide the most salt?

Initially, salt was first injected into processed products to make them easier to store and to extend their shelf life. As salt improves the taste of food, it has also been used to build loyalty among consumers, create a habit for them, and make them buy more salty and processed products.

What are our daily salt requirements?

We need about 1,500 mg of salt per day. Salt is essential for the proper functioning of our muscles and for regulating our bodily fluids. However, our average consumption is 2,800 mg while we recommend that you not exceed 2,300 mg per day.

Our excess consumption does not come from the salt that we add directly but rather from baked goods, not necessarily because they contain a large amount of salt, but because we consume a lot of it: at breakfast, at lunch and at dinner. When you have a craving for salt, it is often due to dehydration. It is therefore important to drink more water.

It is obviously possible to have salty snacks, without succumbing to the bag of chips. Try an avocado, olive oil and sea salt spread, or homemade low-salt popcorn. We thus find the crunchy side that we like, without going overboard.

How to reduce the addition of salt on a daily basis?

At home, it's easy to put aside the salt shaker for tasty dishes. The important thing is to vary the origin of the salt. One can use for example, sundried tomatoes, to which salt has already been added, which vary the taste and the source of the salty taste in a recipe. The same goes for the tamari sauce or a homemade celery juice.

The ideal is to vary the foods you eat as much as possible to always have a balance on your plate.

Fermentation products, such as sauerkraut, or homemade brines, such as pickles, can also add a salty touch. You can also use spices, herbs or aromatic oils to enhance the taste of your food, without necessarily having to add salt.

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