The 10 essentials for a successful pancake board!

The 10 essentials for a successful pancake board!

Audrey Rouby

Making pancakes for a large family or when receiving friends can quickly become a nightmare when everyone does not have the same tastes. The solution ? The pancake board!


Inspired by cheese or tapas boards, the pancake board is ideal for family Sundays or for brunch with friends. No more spending your time serving your guests and bending over backwards to be sure to satisfy everyone's desires. Now everyone makes the pancake of their dreams with the side dishes they want. And everything is allowed!

There will be something for everyone


Lots of fruit goes well with pancakes, whether in juice, jam, coulis or whole. For a fresh and tangy assortment, prefer redcurrants and raspberries, apricot or strawberry jam and a worm of apple, kiwi and celery juice. You will fill up on energy while limiting calories.

Because it's always the season to enjoy it, add a few scoops of ice cream to your board. With fruit, chocolate, vanilla or pistachio, ice remains the essential accompaniment to all desserts. A lactose-free diet? Make no concessions and replace the ice cream with a sorbet!

Suggest that your guests accompany their pancakes with a seasonal citrus salad. This little salad will awaken their taste buds. And to not spoil anything, use pieces of pancakes to absorb the juice at the bottom of the bowl.


Start the day with a full meal to give you enough energy for your day, nothing more important! Donate to grill a few slices of smoked bacon, without adding any fat, the natural fat of the bacon is more than enough.

Keep the pan of your bacon for cooking eggs. They will soak up the fat and smoky taste of the meat.

Now that you've loaded up on protein, let's add some vegetables to your board. Nothing like asparagus steaming and a little green salad and red onion with a well-spiced citrus dressing.


And because we keep pancake rhymes with greed, accompany them with a drizzle of maple syrup or fresh honey.

For the little ones, but not only, nothing better than a pancake with spread and to top it off add a nice ball of whipped cream.

What are your essentials for a successful pancake board?

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