The 10 essentials of veganism!

The 10 essentials of veganism!

Audrey Rouby

Veganism is taking more and more place in different diets. Generally perceived as boring and very private, it can be difficult to make the jump to this style of diet. But don't panic, in this article you will find some tips on the 10 essential products to have in your home.

Fruits and vegetables

There are no restrictions on the choices of your fruits and vegetables. Take the opportunity to have a great variety and maybe discover new ones.

Vegetable proteins

Legumes like lentils or chickpeas are a great way to replace animal protein. They are rich in fiber and very satiating. Add it to your salads to keep you from going hungry in the middle of the day.

To get your fill of protein and fiber, you can also opt for grains like spelled, barley, or even quinoa.


Lacto-fermentation is a more widely used preservation technique than one might think. This technique is used in products such as miso paste, tempeh, sauce, vinegar and many more. Lacto-fermentation preserves foods but especially their nutrients and enzymes.

Vegetable milk

From an early age, we have been used to consuming animal milk, but there are derivatives produced from different plants. In these derivatives, you can find coconut milk yogurt, goose cream, almond milk and many more.


Nuts and seeds are rich in iron, protein but also omega-3. They are therefore the ideal substitute for fish. You can eat them in different forms, for example in bars or in a fresh salad.

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