Tips for using your slow cooker

Tips for using your slow cooker

Audrey Rouby

The slow cooker is often the right solution for making small dishes ahead of time that are ready to eat when you come home from the office. But be careful, not all foods are compatible with cooking in a crockpot. This is why we have given you a brief summary of the foods to avoid and those to favor.

Foods to choose

Meats that require a long cooking time such as a roast, pork shoulder, shank, or beef chuck are very suitable for cooking in a slow cooker.

Legumes also take a long time to cook, so dishes like baked beans are great in the slow cooker.

For a vegetarian meal, you can cook your tofu in broth.

Foods to avoid

Tender meats, such as filet mignon and steaks are not recommended. These are meats that need dry heat, not moist heat. It is not necessary to cook fish dishes in the slow cooker, since they do not require a long cooking time. Also avoid green vegetables. Since they can't stand cooking under cover, they risk blackening and softening, even turning into a puree, in addition to losing a good amount of their nutrients.

Cooking tips

By simmering for a long time, the food benefits from the mixture of all the flavors. The liquids you use have a big influence on the taste of your dishes. Use aromatic broths such as vegetable broths. Remember, there is no evaporation in a slow cooker.

The meat will also create its own juice which will add to the amount of liquid. Never fill your slow cooker to the brim. Leave a space of at least three centimeters with the lid or use the maximum marked on your device, if indicated. Don't skimp on the spices.

If you fail to season your meat or broth well, it will be bland. If you follow a slow cooker recipe that cooks in a casserole dish, it can work very well in the slow cooker. You will, however, need to triple the cooking time. All pasta sauces, chilies and blanquettes, for example, are great for the slow cooker.

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