The French Gourmet, the grocery store that brings you closer to France.

Having recently moved to Malta, I quickly realized that I would have to change my eating habits. Coming from a family where every Sunday is the opportunity to meet around a leg of lamb, where it is good to make a sandwich with cheese, ham, sausage and butter, where after a day of work it is normal to end up with a glass of wine and a board of cheese and cold meats. By searching a little, I was able to find major French retail brands, but at what price.

The concept of The French Gourmet is to offer you French products at the price closest to that practiced in France.

So that each expatriate can have fun with Breton palets, so that he can perfume his fridge with the good smells of our cheeses. But it is also to make part of French culture accessible to all and to give those who have not yet done so the opportunity to taste regional specialties and French artisanal products.

A company supported by Français à Malte.